Datum: 24-01-2018

Door: Mashataf

Onderwerp: XEvil break CAPTCHA of Google, Facebook, Yandex, VKontakte, and 8400 others!

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Datum: 01-09-2012

Door: George Hanks

Onderwerp: Lancqster Bomber DX-P W4234

i am the author of a book of poems "Poetry in Motion" and recently wrote a poem in memory of the crew of Lancater
ND 700 PM-X which was brought in MALLE on the night of 4 Mqrch 1944. I wouldconsider it an honour to write a poem about Lancaster W4234. The crews of these aircraft were brave men and deserve to be remembered today.

Datum: 02-07-2012

Door: Eddie Thompson

Onderwerp: Lancaster Memorial Lierde

Many thanks for you all in looking after the site.

Very much appreciated by me and my fellow members of the Royal Air Force.

I do hope to visit the site this year.

Per Ardua Ad Astra

Lest We Forget

Datum: 02-07-2012

Door: Eddie Thompson

Onderwerp: Re:Lancaster Memorial Lierde

The computer crashed.

The RAF Motto is

Per Ardua Ad Astra

Datum: 15-02-2012

Door: Plasschaert Frederik

Onderwerp: Opgravingen Lancaster in Lierde, Kakebeke

Als vrij recent bewoner van Kakebeke 38 (gekocht in 2006, komen wonen in 2009) mooi om dit alles eens te kunnen lezen!
Ik heb als 33-jarige steeds interresse gehad in beide wereld oorlogen, maar zeker in WWII, dus dit maakt het des te interessanter!

Frederik, Kakebeke 38, Lierde

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