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Returned form the Advanced Air Striking Force in France in May 1942 and flew Blenheims with 2 Group until June of

that year. Transferred to Coastal Command from late June and remained until October 1940. Returned to

Bomber Command in November 1940 and assigned to 3 Group, flying Wellingtons until September 1942, posted to

5 Group until the end of the war.

Blenheims, Wellingtons, Lancasters
Squadron Identity Code Letter(s): DX

Wyton, Gatwick, Feltwell, Scampton and East Kirkby


 airbase Scampton 

Operational Performance:
Raids Flown
2 Group Blenheims – 34 offensive sweeps, 3 bombing
3 Group Wellingtons – 166 bombing, 7 minelaying
5 Group Lancasters – 313 bombing, 35 minelaying
Totals: 482 bombing, 42 minelaying, 34 sweeps
Sorties and Losses
2 Group Blenheims – 58 sorties, 10 aircraft lost (17.2 percent)
3 Group Wellingtons – 1056 sorties, 54 aircraft lost (5.1 percent)
5 Group Lancasters – 4037 sorties, 108 aircraft lost (2.7 percent)
Totals: 5151 bombing, 172 aircraft lost (3.3 percent)
An additioanl 31 Lancasters were destroyed in crashes.


hangar Scampton


Points Of Interest:
Served in three different Bomber Command Groups and suffered higher than average casualties.
Though with only a small number of sorties, suffered the highest loss percentage of all 2 Group squadrons.
Highest loss percentage in 3 Group Wellington squadrons.
Of all aircraft types combined, suffered the highest loss percentage in Bomber Command.




The 57 Sqd was disbanned early 2002. But like the phoenix in its emblem it rose again for the 4th time.

57 Squadron is now a reserve squadron, so its title is 57 (Reserve) Squadron. 

It is based at RAF Wyton in Cambridgeshire and is now responsible for flying training for future RAF pilots. 

The Squadron uses the Grob 115E (Tutor) training aircraft.



57sqn sites: https://www.57sqn.co.uk